Muscle-Up May


It's MUSCLE UP MAY!!!  I know, as my ears are currently burning, that you're sitting there thinking Coach it crazy I'll never get a muscle up!!  First off, as a CrossFitter I want to remind you that the word "never" should never exist in your vocabulary ;)

What Muscle Up May entails is, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we will be working at skills to get you to your first muscle up.  YES, the biggest precursor to your first muscle up might be getting your first pull up and that is why our progressions are built for that too.  So if you are no where near that muscle up we will be getting you geared up for your first pull up.  All of this is also geared towards everyone's favorite annual Memorial Day Murph.  So whether or not you get an actual muscle up in May you will be muscling up in May so to say gaining that prestige body weight strength!! 

John DevittComment