Meal Prep Guidance


Save the date June 29th for a food prep class at the Phillips residence

I was very excited when I asked Jeremy Phillips to host this class for us and he and Allana were game.  Why the Phillips??  Well if you haven't seen some of their food prep posts on social media then go look them up and I'm sure you'll see why. From these posts I had members asking for a class and thus the proposal to the Phillips. The Phillips, Allana and Jeremy, have done an amazing job of prepping food which also led to some pretty darn good results.  SO far Allana has dropped 20 pounds and while preserving and gaining lean muscle mass. Jeremy’s has gone down 60 pounds and 21% body fat (from 40% to 19%) over a period of 10 months. He has also been able to drop this weight while adding 12 pounds of lean muscle mass. Overall, these are pretty significant success stories and they owe them (alongside their exceptional fitness regimen) to preparation, planning, and disciplined eating.

For full details - check out our the Meal Prep Class Event on our CFKS Events Page.

We are all hoping that this can be a fun educational get together to help you with your nutrition at home.  This will take place immediately after the 9am class on Saturday June 29th.  We will be sending out an email reminder and a post on the Forum when the date gets closer.  For now please save the date!!

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