CFKS makes a great showing at Festivus Games in Oxnard!!!

Last weekend CRKS sent several teams to participate in The Festivus Games. It was a great day for our CrossFit Kalos Sthenos competitors and 3 out of 4 teams the podium!!!  First off I'd like to send out a special THANK YOU to Jenn Arment, Heather Gonzalez and Craig, Roaxanne Blank, and Amy (Amber's sister) for driving out to Oxnard to support us!!

For those that aren't familiar with the Festivus Games it's a CrossFit competition geared towards the beginner or never before competitor.  It stems from an old Seinfeld episode "Festivus for the rest of us".  From CFKS we had 4 athletes that had never competed before; Kim Carden, Dana Bowers, and Allana and Jeremy Phillips.  Personally, this was my first multi event competition.  For Jose Alonso, Eddie Carden, and Amber Lockhart this was not their first "rodeo".

Event 1

Our first event was the DT Synchro & Pulling for a Hero Wod

6 minute AMRAP

  • 12 synchro Deadlifts

  • 9 synchro Hang Power Cleans

  • 6 synchro Shoulder to Overheads

rest 2 minutes 

2 minutes to complete either 40 pull ups OR 60 ring rows

Standards were: 105/75 intermediate & novice/masters 75/55

The consensus I drew from our athletes was, for the fellas this was the easiest of the WODs while for the ladies it proved to be one  of the harder WODs.  While I participated along everyone else in this competition it didn't seem to me to that we as a whole had any difficulty with this one.  It was a great opening Wod.

Event 2

Our second event was Hop, Skip, and a Thrust:

10 minute AMRAP

  • 1 Box Jump and 1 Thruster

  • 2 box jumps and 2 thrusters

  • 3 box jumps and 3 thrusters

  • 35 double unders or 50 jump rope singles

  • 4 box jump and 4 thrusters

  • 5 box jump and 5 thrusters

  • 6 box jump and 6 thrusters

  • 35 double unders or 50 jump rope singles

  • 7 box jump and 7 thrusters

  • 8 box jump and 8 thrusters

  • 9 box jump and 9 thrusters

  • 35 double unders or 50 singles

Nobody in Saturday's competition made it to the 10's, but if you didn't time-out, you would continue on in the same fashion.

Standards were: 95/65 for intermediate and 65/45 for novice. Box jump was 20" for everyone.

This was an I go, you go WOD.  You did one box jump and one thruster then tagged your partner to do the same.  Personally, this was my least favorite of the WODs, but it was a great compliment to the first WOD.  The first WOD had far more pulling in it whereas this one had more pushing to balance things out.  Despite that you really are only working for 5 minutes on your half of this WOD it was  a punishing 5 minutes of work.  As most of you know by now the I go, you go format helps instigate some fairly ferocious intensity!!

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Event 3

Our third event was called Hold Down the Floor, I'll Be Right Back!
Such a fitting name for a nasty little WOD;
8 minute time Cap

  • 27 Calorie Row

  • 21 Dumbbell Snatches alternating

  • 15 Hand Release Push Ups

  • 9 Dumbbell Cleans alternating

While one partner is doing work the other is holding a high plank.  The partners then switch.  Each person does the same amount of work.

Standards were: intermediate weight 50/35 and novice weight 35/20

This WOD was originally named "I'd rather work than rest" which I felt was a pretty apt name, but the new one is more fun.  I doubt I speak for myself, but the work in this WOD was for sure easier than holding that stupid plank.  Who would have thought that a plank hold in a WOD would be so hard?!?!
I could write and tell you more about the WODs, but fact is if you were in the Box this past month you actually did most of them with or without knowing it.  Yes, we can be sneaky with our programming ;)

Event 4

Then, If you made the top 5 teams you went onto the finals WOD.  The finals WOD was not announced until after all heats completed the third WOD.  I just have to boast here and say that I predicted the finals WOD which was a 7 minute AMRAP of Burpees.  I'll admit that I didn't predict that they'd be synchronized or bar over burpees, but hey I was pretty darn close!!

What I do want to write to y'all about is how outstanding our teams did!!  Dana Bowers and Jose Alonso took 2nd place in the intermediate division.  Kim and Eddie Carden took 2nd place in the novice division.  Allana and Jeremy Phillips took 3rd place in the novice division.  This was a first time competition for Dana, Kim, Allana, and Jeremy.  As a coach I cannot express how proud I am of our first time competitors.  I'm also insanely proud of the other athletes who helped out so much in practicing and preparing for this event.  Amber, Jose, and Eddie all added invaluable information to the whole from their own past experiences completely enriching the group.  Personally this was amazing for me as I wanted to compete and was also wanting to coach my athletes, but with the group effort I witnessed we were as ready as ever could be.

Unfortunately for myself and Amber an innocent mistake kept us from the finals WOD and having a chance at the podium.  Yes, this was a sad misfortune for Amber and I, but we have learned from it.  What I learned first and foremost was that it is important to see the score card / leaderboard as the event goes.  We didn't see the score card until after the awards were handed out and the event was over.  I quickly saw the error and went to the owner about it.  Not to get into details, but I was not thrilled about the way it was handled, but I also didn't want anything negative to happen as a result.  So I did what I've learned in my own household is sometimes the best way to just shut and let things be.  No it wasn't okay what happened, but at that point there wasn't really anything that could have been done.  We knew it was an honest mistake.  It has added a little bit of fuel for my fire and as a result I'll be seeking out that next competition that I can take our members to to kick some major bootie!!

Thank you again to everyone and please check out the pics on the website and postings on social media!!

-Coach John

Click here to see more photos from the Event

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