Movement Prep

Coach John walks us through basic movement prep as Coach Lauren demonstrates. Movement prep is something we perform, ideally, before every class. We spend the first 3-5 minutes of every class opening up the main areas we work in CrossFit.


Acronyms and Terms

There is so much jargon used in CrossFit, it can feel very intimidating to a beginner. Here is a quick study-guide which includes the main acronyms and Jargon used in CrossFit.

  • Box = CrossFit Gym

  • WOD = Short for Metabolic Conditioning Workout of the Day. This is the high-intensity portion of the workout which will get your heart rate pumping.

  • WOW = Workout of the Week (hardest workout of the week)

  • Rx = “as prescribed”

  • Scaled = adjusted weight or repetitions to accommodate skill or strength level

  • AMRAP = As Many Reps As Possible

  • EMOM = Every Minute on the Minute

  • RFT = Rounds for Time

  • 21 15 9 = a popular rep scheme in CrossFit consisting of three rounds comprised of 21, 15, and 9 reps

  • PR = Personal Record

  • Chipper = A workout completed from start-to-finish usually for time.

  • The Girls = A special group of CrossFit benchmark workouts named after girls.

  • The Heroes = A special group of CrossFit benchmark workouts created in honor of fallen soldiers, law enforcement, or first responders.

  • Time Cap = The maximum time you have to complete a workout.

  • 1 RM = 1 Rep Maximum

  • “The Open” = The CrossFit Open. An annual competition open to any athlete from beginner to elite which allows you to benchmark your fitness level against other athletes in the same category.

  • “The Games” = The CrossFit Games. A series of competitions culminating in a single week-long CrossFit competition among elite-level athletes to determine the title of “Fittest on Earth.”


What to Bring, Wear, etc.

What to wear:

The ideal apparel for CrossFit is any comfortable athletic clothing that moves. Consider also apparel that provides breathability, is quick drying, and odor fighting. There are a number of good clothing manufacturers on the market that make technical apparel but a good tri-blend T-Shirt or tank and a pair of lightweight quick-drying shorts or leggings is all you really need.

What to bring:

We recommend you bring some water and any of the following tools you wish to help you perform your workout, although the following are optional, they may be advisable in some cases. See coaches for clarification.

Tools of the trade:

  • Knee Sleeves = Good for squatting, lunges, running, and any activity where you will be bending your knees. Knee sleeves come in different thicknesses from 5-15mm and provide varying levels of support. Most people don’t use knee sleeves, but for those who want a little extra protection, 5mm is ample.

  • Wrist Wraps = Wrist wraps are used to support your wrists while weightlifting. These are commonly used for Olympic lifts or lifts that put a great deal of strain on the wrist, such as front squats, power cleans, etc. There are multiple different styles of wrist wraps.

  • Hand Guards = These slide over your palms and are used for gymnastics movements. They are often made of leather, but can be found in other materials and are good for reducing wear and tear on your hands

  • Chalk = Provided at the box, Chalk is for enhancing grip.