Hey guys and girls, Damian here. I’ve been helping Coach out with the new website and here it is. I’m still working on a few things like some of the images and resizing. Plus that WOD link in the red menu doesn’t seem to work! I’ll fix it. The other WOD links do. Anyway… We are still using RxGym (the old site) for all our comments, results and the WOD etc and signing up for classes. So if you like you can avoid this site all together. Just go to the MEMBERS tab at the top (or footer menu) and click and it will redirect you to the RxGYM login and then once in there everything should be back to the way you’re used to. You can bookmark where you land and then in the future you won’t have to use the MEMBERS link. Be sure to delete your old bookmark for CrossfitKS if it doesn’t work as some have an extension on them that doesn’t go anywhere. If in doubt use any of these links:



To go directly to RxGym:




Any questions contact us through the contact link on this site or text me or Coach.